Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Use those weights

 13 minutes
 10/50 Intervals
1. Dead lifts
2. Weighted lunges
3. V twist - sitting in a V, legs up, twist and tap weight to floor
4. Squat with weight tapping to floor alternating sides
5. Standing obliques alternating, bending at side, lowering and lifting weight to knee
6. 10 mountain climbers/5 push ups
7. Sumo squat with weights, lifting heel on right
8. Sumo squat with weights, lifting heel on left
9. Toe taps
10. Tricep dips - shoulders down and back, core engaged visualize your jiggle waving goodbye to you.
11. Curtsy lunges with weights and twist
12. Opposite hand opposite leg touches (on all fours)
13. Other side

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